Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program


High school students across Canada are making the world a cleaner and healthier place and now they are getting the recognition they deserve through the Toyota Earth Day Scholarship Program. This year, 20 graduating high school students will receive a $5 000 scholarship to put towards post-secondary education.

Take the story of Keleigh Annau. At 16 years-old she was inspired, after a youth leadership conference, to create a national one-day event where high schools turn off their lights and learn about global warming. With help from her friends, Lights Out Canada ( launched in 2005. It has since transformed into an international event with over 100 000 students in 10 countries participating in Lights Out World.

With classroom lights off, the spotlight was on global warming and the impact young people are making to improve the environment. Keleigh’s efforts didn’t go unnoticed; she was awarded the 2008 Toyota Earth Day Scholarship National Award and received a $5 000 scholarship and a Panasonic laptop.

Follow Keleigh’s lead. Apply for the Toyota Earth Day Scholarship and share your story of how you are saving the environment! Information and application material are available online at The deadline to apply is February 28, 2010.