Press Release 2011 – Lights Out Canada

Press Release
For Immediate Release:
Over 150 000 students are set to participate in Lights Out Canada on Thursday, April 21, 2011.

In partnership with Earth Day Canada, schools across the country will celebrate the 6th annual Lights Out Canada event by turning off their lights and engaging students with climate change awareness and action.

Lights Out Canada provides participating schools with comprehensive lesson plans, step-by-step participation guides and posters. The lesson plans have been edited by Dr. Andrew Weaver, leading author of the 2007 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report and David Noble (Founder & Principal of 2DegreesC), among others. Rick Mercer recently endorsed the project in a hilarious video greeting here:

The project was founded by Keleigh Annau at the age of 16 in 2005 and has remained entirely student coordinated. The growth of the project over the last year has been facilitated by grants from the IMPACT! Co-operator’s Sustainability Fund and the TELUS Community Board in Edmonton. This has allowed for the translation and redesign of our Lesson Plan and Event Guide, and funded the recently-launched Lights Out Provincial Ambassador programme which engages high school and university students with the actual organization of the project on a provincial level. Lights Out Canada materials are online at:

For more information on the project, its background and this year’s event, please email Keleigh Annau at More information (including project materials and a map displaying registered schools) can be found at:

Key Points:

    • Lights Out message: global warming is a serious issue and youth have enormous power to effect positive change.
    • Over 150 000 students in more than 330 schools thanks to thousands of teachers  will participate this year. Schools in 10 countries have participated since 2005.
    • This year’s event will be held on April 21, 2011 in partnership with Earth Day Canada (Good Friday falls on Earth Day this year, so Lights Out will be celebrated a day early)
Quotes from Supporters:
“As the founder of a youth run organization, I’ve been able to witness first hand the power of young people when they unite as one voice behind an issue facing our world. Lights Out Canada is a shining example of this power, proof positive of what young people can accomplish for our society and for the issues we care about…hope is burning bright in our collective dream to solve the problems created by global warming and, indeed, all of the issues facing our world.”

– D. Simon Jackson – Founder and Executive Director, Spirit Bear Youth Coalition
“Many feel that inspiration is the most important tool the environmental movement has in order to be successful in encouraging behavioural change.  Lights Out Canada inspires and motivates change.  What, on the surface, looks like a symbolic act is in a springboard for change.  Change begins by taking the first step.  Lights Out Canada is all about initiating this first step and suggesting tools and resources to keep participants on track with more substantive actions.  The program strategy is simple but effective and most importantly, appeals to average Canadians from all walks of life.  I applaud the work of the Lights Out Canada organizers and offer whatever support Earth Day Canada can to make this program bigger and even more successful.”

– Jed Goldberg, President, Earth Day Canada

“What makes Lights Out Canada so exciting is that it catalyzes action amongst young people, helping to make the fight against climate change more accessible and personal. Energy conservation has an important role to play in preventing climate change, and this campaign brings that message home.”
–Morag Carter, Director of the Climate Change Program, David Suzuki Foundation

Contact: Keleigh Annau

Founder & Coordinator,
Lights Out Canada