“Lights out for climate change” – Raissa Tetanish

Lights out for climate change

SACKVILLE, N.B. – A local university student is leading the charge when it comes to climate change awareness.
Keleigh Annau, 21, is the founder of Lights Out Canada/World, an event now in its sixth and biggest year.
“We have about 360 schools and 150,000 participants,” said Annau, a third-year International Relations student at Mount Allison University. “It’s our biggest event yet and it’s really exciting.
“I never thought for one that it would have gotten this big or two, that I would still be doing this after six years.”
Lights Out Canada/World is normally held every year on Earth Day, however because of Good Friday, the campaign will be held April 21.
“Schools will turn out their lights for the day where it’s possible to do so,” said Annau, noting there may be instances where it isn’t safe to do so. “We want people to know that a lot of the time, natural light will suffice.”
She also said the project includes talking about climate change with youth – what it is, why it’s occurring, what can be done about it.
“We’ve created step-by-step instructions for the event and included energy saving tips,” she said. The guidelines, plans and other resources have been reviewed and endorsed by noted environmentalists and educators, including Nobel Prize winner Andrew Weaver.